Custom Teeth Whitening Kits in Westminster

Looking for Custom Teeth Whitening Kits in Westminster?

At Harley Laser Clinic, we work to bring you the most technologically up-to-date treatments possible. Our next generation laser teeth whitening machines provide proven results each and every time. Our tried-and-tested method for stain removal works by removing build up of stains which make the teeth discolored. Some of the reasons why teeth may become stained are due to excessive use of tobacco, medicines or certain staining foods or beverages such as tea, coffee and red wine.

In our London Harley Street clinic, we use our custom gels which are developed and tested by our own laboratory to provide the same results, a perfectly bright smile each and every time.

We have treated thousands of clients over the past few years in clinic who have again and again returned after failing to get similar results from other clinics. Our teeth whitening options are available for those who wish to visit us and have an in-clinic treatment our via our custom teeth whitening trays at home.

Our treatments are performed by local GDC registered dentists and all treatments are also supervised by our in-house clinic manager. We provide a comparison of shades before and after for you to see the difference our treatments really make unlike many others.

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Our custom teeth whitening trays use the same gels as we use in-clinic and provide efficient results in only 60 minutes from the comfort of your home in Westminster. We will design the tray specifically for your mouth structure from a mould that you will take at home in Westminster and return to us. These teeth whitening trays in Westminster can be used either independently from our in-clinic laser teeth whitening procedure or together to simply top-up and make your bright smile last longer without having to visit in-clinic for top-up treatments.

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